17, Brindaban Mullick 1st Lane Calcutta-9 1st January, I N. C. Lahiri EPHEMERIS Planets: Date Mars Mars on 15th Jupiter Saturn Hcrache. Results 1 – 19 of 19 Advance Ephemeris of Planets’ Positions for One Hundred Years from to A.D. Front Cover. N. C. Lahiri. Astro-Research Bureau. Advance Ephemeris of Planets’ Positions for One Hundred Years from to A.D. Front Cover. N. C. Lahiri. Astro-Research Bureau, – Ephemerides .

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Vaisakha 31 begins on Apr. Login Please enter your login details.

The calendar of Assam is the same as that of Bengal. Similarly the years of the Tamilian calendar, Oriya calendar and t Punjabi solar calendar nc lahiri ephemeris on Aprilcorresponding nc lahiri ephemeris Vaisak of the Bengali calendar or Mesham of the Keralian.

If 2 x Tithi is less than the Moon’s anomaly, then 30 is to be added to 2T. A [ A Corr. Dhatri 36 96 Pramftdin 73 a 8. Bakahafla 75 3 T1 Jovian year is also used with the Telugu calendar and the Mysons calendar, the months of which are luni-solar and nc lahiri ephemeris year begins wil Lunar Chaitra after the new-moon day falling between March 14 ar April When epuemeris value of A 0 epemeris tbe period of 9 days, the period is to be subtracted from it.

In both the methods there is use of the English dates which are usable only for the present century being determined on the basis of nc lahiri ephemeris nirayana longitude of the Sun. Take the multiplier from the following table against the daily motion m of the function.

Kilaka 68 r 3.

For Venus however it starts from Jan. The given correc- tions are to be applied inversely for earlier centuries as usual. Bags Nc lahiri ephemeris Bags Sling Bags. Our website is secured by bit SSL encryption issued nc lahiri ephemeris Verisign Inc, making your shopping at Sapnaonline as secure as possible. The time obtained need some further small correction as given below. The days from conj. As regards Moon, in lajiri to its mean longitude, the Mean Anomaly mean moon – perigee and the Mean Tithi mean moon- mean sun are given.


Virodhin 49 09 Saturday of the Julian or old style oalendar. Pingala 77 3 The leap-year rule was also revised making the century years, and then, etc.

Correction to the mean values Corrections nc lahiri ephemeris getting the result of original Surya-Siddhanta calculations are given below. Those for the Mocn, Mercury and Venus are shown below. When the transit time occurs before the above mentioned epochs for the nc lahiri ephemeris cities of the respective States, then the month begins on that very day, if after then on the next day.

N C Lahiri (Author of Lahiri Condensed Ephemeris From )

This transit time is given below in I. We cannot avoid mentioning at the end that the present high price of paper and increasing cost of nc lahiri ephemeris etc. In this case the elements will nc lahiri ephemeris obtained for dates of the Standard Calendar ; these dates may then be converted into the corresponding dates of the Gregorian or the Julian Calendar as nf case may be.

For this purpose first convert the given nc lahiri ephemeris into the corresponding date of the Standard Calendar where necessary. Similarly when multiplied by the reciprocal of the distance from the Earth, then we get the geocentric latitude.


Middle of eclipse as obtained from F. O 15 24 5 3 3 1T44 June 0 Wed. They become retrograde near about heliacal setting in the West and direct near heliacal rising in the East. Why Shop at SapnaOnline. A nc lahiri ephemeris A for greater approach. For Tithi find Moon minus Sun. The days are nf Kali elapBed days at 24 h midnight of the data.


N c lahiri ephemeris

But here the calculation is shown according to the method given on pages 62 nc lahiri ephemeris The times of other tithis may also be obtained in the case of Siddhantic calculation by adding the following values to the N.

The lunar months which have also got the same names begin from the moment of new moon Nc lahiri ephemeris occurring after the above transit time and nc lahiri ephemeris the next transit. Personalize Gift card We will send an email to receiver for gift card. The British people in India also followed this practice in recording historical events and dating of their documents during this period.

Vikarin 59 19 SubhSnu 43 03 37, Sobhana 63 23 The above mentioned critical hours for different States are given below in I.

Motion of ayanamsa for 10 yrs. The day next to Amavasya is the first day of the month. Calculation d h d h Feb. In order to find the longitude for any intermediate date, first convert the interval of days from nc lahiri ephemeris zero-date or from the 15th into Corresponding day from the following nc lahiri ephemeris according to the period for lshiri the motion is obtained.