7 Mar Microscopio electronico de barrido. Integrantes Silvia Parada Paulandrea Medina Leidy Obregon Johan Pinilla ¿Que es? La microscopia. método de análisis por microscopía electrónica de barrido (sem), para la evaluación .. del presente estudio se empleó un microscopio electrónico de barrido. Comparative Scanning Electron Microscopy of Platelets and Fibrin Networks of Human and Differents Animals. Microscopía Electrónica de Barrido Comparativa .

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Then, dehydration, critical-point drying and gold-ion sputtering were done. Fibrin networks of humans aoryx bovine cpenguin dequine emonkey fsea turtle g and rabbit h.

Histogram analysis revealed that there is a tri-modal count frequency distribution within each of the assessed fibrin diameters for each of the samples. However, few studies have examined the ultrastructure of platelets and fibrin networks in animals. This analysis revealed, as expressed in Table Ithat the fibrin fiber diameters were not normally distributed.

In the posterior third, microscopio electronico de barrido decrease in height Fig. Comparative anatomical observations on the tongue of the insectivora.

Little is known about its morphology Estecondo et al. Washed fibrin clots were fixed in 2. Filiform papillae have mechanical role, meanwhile fungiform and vallate ones are gustatory papillae showing taste buds and taste pores.

The middle third of the tongue showing filiform papillae with five branches. Morphological study by scanning electron microscopy of the lingual papillae on the common european bat Pipistrellus pipistrellus.

Table II shows the actual size distribution of the 3 types of fibers: At higher magnification, a network of clear microridges was observed. Samples consisted microscopio electronico de barrido eight different animal species – one avian, one reptilian and six mammalian electronixo mouse, equine, monkey, oryx, ovine, penguin, rabbit and sea turtle. They are surrounded by numerous filiform papillae. Ana Finke Vicmary Santos Gracias!!


Send this link to let others join your presentation: Alterations in the blood platelet morphology during aggregate formation in microscopio electronico de barrido Asian elephant Elephas maximus.

Ecology of the little hair armadillo, Chaetophractus vellerosus.

Microscopio electrónico de barrido – EcuRed

Sea turtle assuming a tri-modal fibrin distribution pattern. The literature pertaining to fibrin networks suggests that a typical fibrin network is composed of barrio thick major and thin minor fibrin fibers. Constrain to simple back and forward steps. Las ramificadas estaban densamente distribuidas en toda la superficie dorsal de la lengua. This difference in fibrin fiber distribution patterns may be electronido consequence of evolutionary differences between the three animal classes and their related processes microscopio electronico de barrido wound healing and thrombus formation.

Three-dimensional organization of the epithelium-connective tissue interface of the tongue and soft palate in the Macaca fuscata: Buenos Aires, Centro panamericano de Zoonosis, In armadillos, histological observations of the dorsal tongue epithelium by light and scanning electron microscopy were performed in Dasypus novemcinctus Morais et al.

Un microscopio es un instrumento que aumenta la imagen de un objeto diminuto. Stereo architecture of the interface of the epithelial cell layer and connective tissue core of the foliate papillae in the rabbit tongue.

Send this link to let others join your presentation: Send the link below via email or IM. Therefore it can be concluded that for all fibrin size classes, the size ranges of the monkey, oryx and equine were not significantly different to one another, as microscopio electronico de barrido as for those for the microscopio electronico de barrido, penguin, microscopio electronico de barrido and ovine not being significantly different to one other.


Comparative anatomical observations of the japanese long-fingered bats Miniopterus schrribersi filiginosus. In the base, these papillae are encircled by a groove.

This statistically proves the absence of a tri-modal fibrin distribution within this reptilian species.

The sea turtle could be seen to possess a distinct bimodal fibrin fiber distribution. They were fixed in modified Karnovsky solution, containing 2.

El microscopio electrónico: de barrido y de transmisión by Vicmary Santos Gutiérrez on Prezi

Comparative studies of the dorsal surface of the tongue in three mammalian species by scanning electron microscopy. The evolution and ecology of armadillos, sloths and vermilinguas. Therefore, in the current study we compare the fibrin networks thickness of humans to the mouse Mus musculusequine Equus caballusvervet monkey Chlorocebus aethiops previously Microscopio electronico de barrido aethiopsoryx Oryx gazellaovine Ovis ariespenguin Spheniscus demersusrabbit Microscopio electronico de barrido cuniculus and sea turtle Caretta caretta.

The number of fibers ascribed to each of the constructed size classes differed, and as a result a random set of microscopio electronico de barrido were chosen from each size class, for each subject, to allow for the comparison of equal sample sizes. Fibrin networks were then visualized with SEM and micrographs taken at 10 times magnification. Thin fibrin fibers significantly smaller than the thick fibrin fibers.