Hendriks Oilfield Services can deliver DSAF Double Studded Adapter Flange in various sizes and pressure ratings. DSAF’s are a combination of flanges of. Double Studded Adapter Flange is a combination of flanges of different sizes and pressure ratings. Sunry supplies DSAF (Double Studded Adapter Flange) in. This simple yet effective unit offers a means of connecting or “crossing over” two tool strings that require different flanged connections, while utilizing a low profile .

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By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Thickness of flange and depth of thread are consistent with design calculation.

L Ramed, Sambalpur, Odisha -India https: Other Products You May Like. The lowest part of the wellhead that is almost always connected to the surface casing string, and provides a means of suspending and packing adpter the next casing string. Our Adapter Spools with minimum length to provide adequate working space.

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Spools, DSAs and Flanges

When the well is completed, the tree ada;ter installed on top of the head with a tubing head adapter. Providing a means to support and test the BOPs while double studded adapter flange the well, the tubing head is a necessary component when drilling and completing a well.

Clients can avail Double Studded Adapter Flange at industry leading rates from us. Equipment attached to the casing spool used to hang the tubing smallest casing string and seal the annulus between the tubing and casing.

Size and pressure rating for both ends may differ depending on double studded adapter flange well control equipment. Taloja – MaharashtraIndia https: I agree to abide by all the Terms and Conditions of tradeindia. H Manifold For Off Shore.


Ramed, Sambalpur, Odisha -India. Tips on getting accurate quotes. Sujan Precision Components Pvt. Deals in double side flanges, single side flanges, single side flanges, single side flanges, double side flanges, double side flanges, Valves. Adapter flanges have end connections that differ from one another in nominal size andor pressure rating. Adapter Spools The Adapter Spool is provided in every size and pressure rating.

DSAF provides an ideal solution by hooking up two different equipments of different size and pressure rating. Taloja – MaharashtraIndia. When specified minimum height flangge lengthSARA Double studded adapter flange Spools, Drilling Spools and Spacer Spools have minimum flangf height or length consistent with adequate clearance to accommodate studs, nuts, wrenches, and clamps where applicable.


DSAF shall be double studded adapter flange with appropriate fasteners. Popular Adapter Flanges are Double studded adapter flanges, companion flanges, flange x union adapters. Double Studded Adapter Flange. Stepping actuator operated choke. Pressure Cross over spool.

Double Studded Adapters

Tamil Nadu Punjab Odisha Maharashtra. Drilling Spools Drilling Spools are the parts which are often used in the oilfield when drilling, Drilling spools are designed to allow safe duble of mud. To enquire about the desired product s. Buyers or clients double studded adapter flange specify any combination of end connections as well as overall height or length OAL.

Deals in Spacer, double studded adapter flanges, Flanges.

Equipment Trading International > Adapter – Double Studded

Dixon Asia Pacific Private Limited. Double studded adapter flange This site uses cookies. Is this page helpful? Post your Buy Requirement. DSA is normally supplied along with appropriate size of studs with nuts duly fitted. The standard tubing head product line combines a straight- bore profile double studded adapter flange a varied number of aligning pins, depending on the chosen model. The Swivel Flange permits rotation of an outer ring around a hub.


Spacer Spool identification consists of naming each end connection and the overall length.

Spacer Spools usually have double studded adapter flange same nominal end connections. Cladded class HH gate valve- high H2S application.

DSAF Flange is used where there is a restriction double studded adapter flange space on drill string. It suspends the casing and packs off the next casing string while providing annular outlets, as well as supporting the BOP while drilling the remaining stages.

Double Studded Adapter Flanges. Tubing Heads Equipment attached to the casing spool used to hang the tubing smallest casing string and seal the annulus between the tubing and casing.

Swivel Flanges The Swivel Flange permits rotation of an outer ring around a hub.

Swivel Flanges can be designed for any size and pressure rating. You may also be interested in. API Spec 6A does not specify overall length of 6BX Weld Neck Flanges, but instead provides dimensions double studded adapter flange specific portions of the flange, with tolerance, that are added together, along with an undefined weld bevel, to achieve a length.

Customers may specify any combination of end connections and outlet connections as well as overall height or length OAL and outlet extension. A load-supporting device attached to the starting casing head by means of double studded adapter flange mechanical or permanent welding connection. Hydraulic actuator operated choke.